Importance Of Vernacular Design

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When we look on a larger scale the India owns a rich cultural heritage. The culture plays a vital role in defining the particular design style of a place or people with time. The objective of the paper is to study the changes in culture and heritage from vernacular to modern era around India. Vernacular design has been evolved through a process of trial and error from ages. In Methodology the vernacular and contemporary are documented and analyzed on various parameters of tradition. The furniture selected from vernacular and contemporary design are selected in context with development according to the time. The result focuses on influences of urbanization and globalization which brought threat to cultural identity. The urban settlements are …show more content…
From the Beginning the phenomena that we can see in many countries, there are various designs that we might think is similar as the ancient traditional designs. Whether it’s from part of the furniture elements, the form, or the hint that the product brings, it requires an innovative and creative approach to integrate vernacular into the contemporary design. The paper concludes by learning and appreciating the principles of vernacular design and integrating them with the contemporary knowledge and technology.

Aim: To figure out the reason and the change of definition, form, and value of vernacular in contemporary in India and when we talk in context with design style what is the importance of contemporary vernacular design.
• To understand contemporary vernacular design.
• To understand importance of contemporary vernacular in designing style.
• To understand the reason of change from post vernacular style to contemporary style of design in India.

Scope & limitation:
The goal of this study is:
• To discover the cause and effect of globalization on our culture and

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