Importance Of Travel And Tourism

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People wants to find a way to relax and get away from their normal life. They travel all around the world to learn about history, relax and amusement. What hospitality industry offers is a wide variety of transportation, lodging, amusement, etc. The question is, “What does it for every country to operate business within the industry hospitality, to support all the tourist?” How does the travel and tourism handle obstacles that may jeopardize business? What are the down falls? There are challenges that the United States handle every day, how to other countries handle them? In this paper we talk about what some business by deal behind the scenes.
The World Travel Market in 2012 had unveiled some findings
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Children rights are one of the ethical issues that is impacted by travel and tourism. The tourism sector develops of the Sustainable Developments Goals; this was to determine the outcomes for children all around the world from now until 2030 (Concern, 2016) Does anyone understand how children are impacted within the tourism and travel industry, there are positive and negative cases that the children are directly involved. When it comes to the negative impacts as in child sexual exploitation and their safety, the Children’s Rights and Business Principles must become more involved which develop groups that would represent the children. In order to keep these children safe and away from sexual exploitation, there must be vigilance in the measures of each company and staff coded of conduct of all training staff. There simply has to be more attention to the needs of the children the protection of the child …show more content…
This is from selling goods on beaches to carrying the luggage of holidaymakers at transportation hubs or working as a waiter in local restaurants. The industry needs to ensure they are providing decent work for adults, developing tourism activities that would improve the lives of local people and work together to strengthen children protection systems. There are many causes that are effecting the families and children. If the industry works together then everyone can provide and substantial safe work

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