Importance Of The Note

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The Note
It was late September of my 8th grade year. We sat on the edge of our seats in Ms.Hansen’s class, watching every tick of the clock pass by. We anxiously awaited the clock to strike 2:00 that Wednesday afternoon. Unanimous silence fell upon everyone as the minutes ticked closer. Silent prayers and worries for him consumed our minds. We couldn’t believe Jacob was going in for surgery any moment.
Just days before his four-wheeler accident Jacob and I were passing notes in class, laughing, and goofing off. I’ll never forget the first note he gave me that day. It was an oddly folded piece of notebook paper. I unfolded each crease to discover all he had wrote was a giant smiley face in the center of the page. I looked back at him and we
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Since then I’ve never looked at other’s writing in the same perspective. I’ve come to know on a personal level the importance and sentimental value a person’s writing can withhold. In the 9th grade I had the privilege of being in Jacob’s dad’s AP human geography class. We called him Coach Woerner. He often complimented my writing on the FRQs (free response questions) we completed for his class. So, when my final assignment came about for my 10th grade literature class, I knew exactly what I wanted to write about. I wrote a poem about Jacob titled “Graduation”. I couldn’t think of a better way to use my writing than to honor Coach Woerner and his …show more content…
She asked for me to make sure my classmates remember that he’s not really gone, and he’s still with us. It hit me one day that I can use my writing to continue his memory and keep my commitment to his mom. From that point, what she said to me has impacted what I write.
Through this experience my attitude towards writing has changed. I’ve realized that the purpose of some writing is not simply to entertain an audience. Instead, it can be used as a vehicle for an author to continue a memory of someone or something close to them that they’ve lost. I wrote to express my feelings and emotions. I kept a journal that I wrote in during this experience with Jacob. Writing things that were on my mind, which I didn’t feel like talking about, became a form of comfort and remembrance.
My attitude towards reading changed as well. I now perceive other’s work with new eyes. I look for deeper meanings as I read. As well as harness a sense of understanding. When someone puts forth the effort and time to write something down, it’s not meant to be forgotten. Our job as readers is to reach deeper and discover why they wrote what they did. Especially when someone’s life was lost. Then, it is not only our duty to understand the writer, but to also keep the memory of that person

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