Importance Of Shakespeare In English Literature

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It’s important for those studying English literature to study the classics and classic authors such as Shakespeare. Even today, Shakespeare’s work remains relevant and influences many new upcoming writers today. Shakespeare’s works will always be important because they depict a wide variety/range of human emotion accurately, tells what are often relatable and universal stories, and he formed the basis our modern day English language.
For us to understand Shakespeare’s work we must first know more about his background. Not much is known about Shakespeare’s early life, such as his birth. But According to the Folger Shakespeare Library, Shakespeare’s birthday was likely April 23, 1564 because he was baptized on April 26, 1564. His father was a
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It’s regarded as the most famous love story in English literature. Love is the story’s dominant theme and most important emotion. Shakespeare depicts and focusses mainly on the passion that comes from love at first sight. He depicts love as a force that can overpower loyalties and many other feelings/emotions. Juliet states that Romeo should “deny thy father and refuse thy name” to show his loyalty to their love over anything else. Shakespeare then presents the chaos and effects their passion causes such Romeo’s best friend Mercutio dying as a result of the feuding families. He may or may not be foreshadowing this when Mercutio and Romeo are discussing the nature and burden of love. According to Romeo love “is too rough, too rude, too [boisterous], and it pricks like thorn. (1.4.25-26) While Romeo’s bet friend Mercutio says it’s “too great oppression for a tender thing. (1.4.24) The two friends describe love in violent, painful terms. Gang related warfare is depicted as a feud between the Capulets and the Montagues. Romeo and Mercutio’s bond resembles ideal friendships people can relate to. Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” consists of a multitude of emotions and relatable concepts. Popular movies such as Romeo Must Die, West Side Story, Step Up, China Girl, and Underworld are all inspired by concepts introduced in “Romeo and

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