Comprehensive Sexual Education

Sexual education should be required in all schools due to their responsibility of educating the students enrolled. Comprehensive sexual education is information in regards to contraceptives, sexual transmitted diseases and infections, unwanted pregnancies, and the reproductive system. It is crucial in keeping students aware and warn them of the dangers of engaging in unprotected sexual relationships. Students need the knowledge of sexual education in order to be healthy individuals. The reproductive system, methods of contraceptives, knowledge of sexual transmitted infections, signs of an abusive relationship and the importance of consent are all important factors in the sexual education of students.
Majority of humans go through puberty and
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Emotional health is part of a sexual relationship, whether it be giving consent or being in an abusive relationship. Giving students the tools to identify an abusive relationship is important so they are aware of the signs and know what steps to take. In many cases students may fall in an abusive relationship and not know of any support services offered that help in the healing process. If no one educates these students of what a healthy relationship is, they may have a distorted image of what a healthy relationship looks like. They may see an abusive relationship being a healthy one, consequently it will have a toll on their emotional well-being. It is best to be educated about the signs of an abusive relationship so one is able to realize they are in one early on because it may be harder for a person to get out of an abusive relationship later on. Another factor of emotional health is giving consent and accepting it. The importance of knowing what consent means and when no means no is greatly attributed to sexual education. These sexual education classes are aimed to inform students what consent is and looks like and when it is no longer consent but taking advantage of someone. They need to be aware of laws where if one is under the influence of alcohol there is no form of legal consent therefore it is considered …show more content…
Being aware of one’s reproductive system, its functions, and why it is so important is crucial to their health. Unprotected sexual activity poses its risks, but to combat those risks contraceptives help a great deal, by preventing any harmful illnesses such as sexual transmitted disease and infections. Sexual education also discusses consent and what it means when given. It also, helps in determining the signs of an abusive relationship and steps one may take if they find themselves in one. Sexual education in schools help lay out the base for a deeper conversation among parents with their children. It gives them the basic tools and knowledge needed in any given situation in which they may encounter, and is up for the parent or student to find out more if needed. The sexual education class should speak of the most important topics and guide the student and let them be aware of the support services offered. The school should do its part in educating the student of risky sexual behavior but it is up to the student to carry out the decisions. Comprehensive sexual education is giving students the tools needed to make the best decisions when it comes to their sexual well-being. The best way to handle people with strong opposing views is to make parents sign consent forms allowing these educational classes to take place. It is for the best interest of

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