Importance Of Public Awareness Of The Environment

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the knowledge, skill, attitudes, motivation and commitment to work individually and collectively towards the solutions of current problems and prevention of new ones”(UNESCO UNEP IEEP Environmental Education Series6,1990). The need of the time is to make people sensitive towards nature through a strong programme of environmental education. It is a way of creating knowledge, understanding values, attitudes, abilities, skills and awareness among individuals and social groups towards the environment protection. It is very necessary for each individual to develop an awareness of protection and preservation towards environment. Our environment is threatened due to many hazards. Air, water and soil pollution is on the increase. Degradation of environment results in many problems. Thus, …show more content…
Environment Education and Public Awareness are equally important for saving the environment. It is inter-related. Public Awareness of the environment means the ability to emotionally understand the surrounding world, including the laws of the natural environment, sensitivity to all the changes occurring in the environment, understanding of cause and effect relationships between the quality of the environment and human behaviour. It is an understanding of how the environment works as a system and a sense of responsibility for the common heritage of the earth, such as natural resources-with the aim of preserving them for future generations. Environmental public awareness comes from a result of general knowledge, specialist knowledge of a particular problem and also sensitivity to and a sense of responsibility for the environment. The knowledge we get during school education and then improve in adulthood is necessary tool in increasing the environmental awareness of an individual. Parents, teachers, colleagues, fellow-workers, leaders, media, moral authorities, scientists and politicians shape the attitude and awareness of members of the community. Public Awareness

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