Earth Island Journal Analysis

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arth Island Journal, Autumn 2015, Online.
The Earth Island Journal’s cover is a striking contrast of black and white with the white creating a native woman with a tree and a tower in the background as she leans over a stream. The title of the issue is stated in large, bold, red letters: “Return to the Native” above that title is the name of the publication in white. The bold contrast of black, white, and red on the front page shows signs of attracting readers that are passionate in their cause while still bringing the simplicity of the earth.
The purpose of this magazine is to provoke critical thinking about the environment and its effect on today’s world, to find this purpose one must seek it out as it is not openly stated, however it is still easily found. The table of contents includes many essays about the environment, some of
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The main page is filled with bold representation of the articles that The Onion has to offer, these articles do not contain more than a shred of truth and even less of sobriety, they are designed specifically to entertain the American population rather than to inform. Research shows that many a person has neglected to realize that The Onion is a satirical publication and has been led to believe that the article in question is to be taken at face value, thus causing confusion and misinformation. To truly enjoy this website for what it is, one must realize that all articles are facetious in nature and are not meant to be taken as

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