College Admissions Essay: Religious Education

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In one of the Swahili saying denote that “a person bitten by a snake, when walks across a rope, fears it to be a snake.”

No doubt poverty had a negative implication on my life. As girl, I loved to study, even though, I found forced out of school, after completion of primary school, for the reasons of insufficient schools, and the inability of my parents to pay the education costs in city schools. Thank God, I had a call for religious life, and accepted in the community without secondary education. After training I worked at one of the parishes in Shinyanga region, to provided religious education in schools in the fulfillment of government’s syllabus. Similar to my home village, children suffered from unspeakable poverty, lacking opportunity
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I compare their educational struggle to the lens of my own struggle and thirst for education where the transition itself to doctoral program led to a struggle for funding. The University at Buffalo admitted me to a doctoral program twice in the fall of 2011 and in the spring of 2012, yet, I could not attend classes because funding limitation held me back. It was difficult to comprehend the reality, on the other hand God planed for me to contemplate what the marginalized children endure when searching for education access without resources. Poverty leads children out of school once completing primary school, their dream evaporates due to insufficient public schools to accommodate them or on the other hand, the inability of parent’s to afford the cost for school needs for their children. My own struggle for education forces me to act for the marginalized children’s education, where, without education, they will remain entrapped in the pool of poverty without knowing how to unlock from

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