Importance Of Nursing Informatics In Nursing

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There are a multitude of forces changing the face of modern-day healthcare. The current advancements in information technology is one of the biggest forces changing the way nursing is practiced today. This change and reliance on technology has created significant opportunities for nurses to be aware of current information when making decisions. In the past few years we have been presented with faster computers to process data and more sophisticated software to assist in the transformation of data into useful information. We have also been given powerful communication technologies, such as the internet. It has helped to enable the secure transmission of information among health service organizations and professionals.
Much of what nurses do
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Nursing informatics is the application of computer science and information science to nursing. It helps in promoting the generation, management, and processing of relevant data. This allows for us to use information and develop knowledge that supports nursing in all practice domains. The overall foundation for nursing informatics is based on three notions: data, information, and knowledge. These three notions are extremely important for nurse when interpreting data and making decisions. Consequently, there has been an increased need for all nurses to integrate nursing informatics competencies into their …show more content…
Individuals as well as organizations are responsible for ensuring that the systems being used are secure in order to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of personal information. Since nurses are so heavily involved in the development of health information systems it is important for nurses to have basic knowledge of concepts relating to privacy, confidentiality, and security. There have been many establishments of standards related to privacy, confidentiality and security that have evolved over the years. Certain laws and regulations have been set forth to uphold privacy and the protection of personal information. Protecting the confidentiality of personal health information has always been a fundamental principle of our health care system and we must ensure that this principle is not overlooked just because of the new

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