Why Is Negative Emotions Important?

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Why is experiencing negative emotions as important in life as experiencing happiness? Majority of society lives believing life’s biggest misconception: that happiness is the essential goal of life. For centuries, positive emotions have been known as the key to life; however, more recent research shows that experiencing and accepting negative emotions is the actual key to life. Such emotions are natural and can be put to good use. It is vital for people to feel the full range of every emotional state. Negative emotions are equally as beneficial as positive emotions because feelings such as sadness, fear, and anger are actually key components to feeling pleasure.
Although anger, fear, and sadness are typically frowned upon, these feelings can
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It is possible to be too happy, and there can be many cons if that level is reached. David claims, “It’s not too big of a stretch to suggest that being excessively happy could kill you” (124). When people are too joyful, studies show that people “tend to neglect important threats and dangers or engage in riskier behaviors like drinking too much” (David 124). We all have been overly cheerful and did something we would not usually do if our emotions were balanced. Too much happiness can even result in “rigid behaviors” (David 124). Depending on a person’s mood, depends on how the brain processes information. Unfortunately, stereotyping also comes into play when someone is too giddy. It is proven that happier people tend to jump to conclusions without hesitation and are more likely to apply the halo effect (when someone allows their impression created in one area to influence their opinion in another area) into their daily social life by resorting to stereotypes while attempting to socialize and meet others. Furthermore, it is possible to experience happiness in the wrong ways, and also at the wrong times.
“But isn’t happiness good for us?”, is everyone’s favorite question to ask. Most will say that being upset or angry most of the time may have more cons than pros. Although the overflowing feeling of sadness and anger can eventually lead to mental illnesses such as depression, a balance of negative and positive emotions is necessary to fulfill the full potential of proper human development. Many people have the wrong idea of happiness;

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