Importance Of Medical Sonography

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My essay is on Diagnostic Medical Sonographer and the code of ethics. Ultrasound Technology is referred to as a sonogram; it is a device that uses high frequency sound waves humans cannot hear to create an image of the inside of the body. This is typically used to see the stomach, liver, heart, a child in the womb, tendons, muscles, joints and blood vessels. There are many different types of sonography, such as, anesthesiology, cardiology, emergency medicine, obstetric, and neurology, to just name a fewi.
Experts say the sound waves are safer then radiation, such as, X-RAY, MRI, and CT scans. Although all of these still produce an image of the inside of the body, ultrasound is safer because the patient is not being exposed to any form of radiation. This is important for children both in and out of the womb, as well as, elderly people. Ultrasounds are also readily available, most of the time
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This is done by first getting the correct education, training, and credentials. Also by adhering to all technical protocols, taking responsibility for your own actions, and always be aware of legal and physical limits of both yourself and the patient. To provide the best service, it is recommended to continue your education on new equipment and techniques either in a classroom setting or on the job training. The last class of the code is promoting professional integrity. This is established by always promoting appropriate communications with patients and colleagues. Be truthful and respectful to the patients and colleagues that you work with and avoid conflict of all types to the best of your ability. Always be truthful about yourself, qualifications and education as well as contribute in making the environment respectful for both patients and colleagues. And lastly is to be ethical about billing and only engage in legal activities while in the medical industry and report anyone who is not abiding by the

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