Importance Of Law In Antigone

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A Divine Consequence - in Antigone

Divine Law vs Human Law

While there is a question of whose laws are more supreme in the play Antigone, it still only comes down to one important and personal choice. The play 's message teaches us, the importance and value of choosing divine law over human law, especially when a conflict is present. It also shows us that no matter what choice of law we choose to obey, sometimes the consequences in the end will be tragic. So we should always choose wisely.

Written human laws are a very important and vital part, of our society. They ensure stability and conformity within our society’s structure. Without written human laws there would be nothing but chaos and disorder among us. Human laws are created and governed by us,
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She was sentenced to death by King Creon. Her placement of value on divine law is solidified when she chose to exchange her own life for her own death, to make sure that her brother has a proper funeral.

There are some similarities in action that are present in these two main characters, Antigone and King Creon. First they are both guilty of breaking the law, one with intention, and one without intention. Antigone broke the human law that King Creon set forth, intentionally and self-consciously, when she decided to bury her brother Polyneices. King Creon broke the divine law without direct intention. He is blinded by his pride and chooses to ignore the divine law by not burying Polyneices,

Second, they both take an unwavering stand for what they have chosen to believe in. Antigone determined to do what she believes to be right, buries Polyneices and then accepts her final fate, which is death. King Creon believes a ruler shouldn 't be perceived as a weak ruler, nor should he forego the order in his kingdom. So he decides to stand by his decision to kill

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