Jab Techniques In Boxing

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A boxer seeks to maintain distance between himself and his opponent, fighting with faster, longer range punches, most notably the jab, and gradually wearing his opponent down. Compared to all other punches the jab is the closes to reach your opponent. The jab is fast, longer, most likely to land, and least likely to leave you vulnerable. The jab uses less energy than any other punch and keeps you in position to follow up with a dangerous power punch. The jab can be used for offensives technique and defensive technique.(How to box 2018)
When boxing and throwing the jab, you would also need to know what hand to use when throwing the jab. There’s two types of boxing stance use when it comes to boxing. There’s the orthodox stance and the southpaw
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When using speed you will need to focus on releasing the arm straight and forward and returning back to the position you had it. This process will help hit your opponent quick and affective. Then comes the accuracy of throwing this punch with speed. When throwing the jab using speed you will have to now focus on what you are going to aim at. The accuracy will come with time but in time the jab will help you hit the opponent. The timing with the jab is another offensive technique that helps you come forward and wait for your opponent to throw while you are waiting to time his punch and throw your jab over its opponent punch to counter. Timing the punch using the jab is a great offensive technique because it allows your opponent to be more alarm on what to throw and when to throw their punches. The speed, accuracy, and timing of the jab will make your offense good and easier when you are in the ring with another …show more content…
There was the orthodox stance for the right handed fighter and the southpaw stance for the left handed fighter. Then the two types of techniques use when throwing the jab. There was the offensive technique that allows you to come forward and hit your opponent while using the jab. Then there was the defensive technique you will use to create time and distance when trying to avoid your opponent using the jab. I also explain on how you will use your jab to throw combinations to hit your opponent and not get hit in the process. While throwing your combinations you will start with the jab and finish with the jab to avoid getting

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