Importance Of Instructional Leadership In School

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1.0 Introduction

In Malaysia it is a common practice for the education ministry to constantly review policies and introduce changes (Ministry of Education, 2011), whereby the Malaysian teaching force are those tasked with carrying out and implementing these changes and plans on the frontlines (Chan, 2008). Competent leadership is seen as an important factor which directly affects a schools performance whereby with an effective principal at the helm being able to steer his or her school towards academic success.
When the leader of an organization exhibits the capability to influence staff towards a set of targets this is often categorized as the hallmark of instructional leadership (Makura, 2008). Instructional leadership requires that the
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Leadership in schools is the deciding factor to accomplish the objectives of a school program as well as the goals set out (Peretomode, 1991).The term Instructional leadership is a very broad field which includes numerous aspects and tasks from the technical side until the human resource matters. (Weller & Weber, 2002). From a generalized point of view, instructional leadership within a school educational environment encompasses both supervisory as well as instructional tasks, (Hoerr, 1996), curriculum revision (Begley, 1994) as well as implementation of changes garnered towards improving the school system (Gainey & Webb, 1998). Overall the main driving force for instructional leadership is the improvement and betterment of the environment for both teachers and students through instruction and supervision. (Carter& Klotz, 1992; Daresh, Gantner, Dunlap, & Hivizdak, 2000). Principals as leaders of their schools are entrusted to ensure that teachers under their command strive to constantly meet the set of goals especially in terms of student performance (Louis,et al (2010), Cayetano, 2011) It is part of a principal’s duty to oversee the progress of teachers in both work as well as personal aspects that have a bearing on their work, part of a principal’s duty is the management as well as monitoring of work attendance or in other words absenteeism of the school’s staff and students but more significantly amongst the teaching staff. The measurement of a school principal’s competency can be quantified through the measurement from different perspectives (Scotti Jr and William,

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