Importance Of Immortality Of The Soul

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Many philosophers argue whether or not the soul survives death and if it does, how or where does it go. This topic can cause a lot of controversy because immortality of the soul can be tied to many religions and faiths. As many researchers and scientists have discovered it is hard to test this theory, because there is no possible way to actually know what happens when a human being passes away. However, many philosophers and researchers have discovered multiple ways that we can somewhat justify the immortality of the soul. Credible sources of evidence have been linked to near-death experiences, reincarnation, and psychics who claim to communicate with the dead. These three sources give us the opportunity to get a sense of what might actually happen to the soul as it moves on into another …show more content…
The famous philosopher, Socrates argued that the soul is not made of complex parts and cannot be destroyed, as a result. He also argued that death cannot dissolve the soul and because of that people should not be afraid of dying (Rachels, 38). Socrates has an interesting point when he declares that the soul is separate from the body. He says that we have a physical body and a nonphysical soul. In the end, his assumption allows him to believe that the souls of every single human being will move on to another place when life ends. There is also evidence in the Bible, which promises the hope of resurrection rather than teaching a concept of immortality of the soul. The great religions of the world state that all believers will survive death and that we will live on in many forms. This type of belief in immortality all comes down to people’s belief in faith. Even though these two strong arguments exist, people search for scientific findings and research to completely support an idea. There are three distinct credible resources for the support of immortality and they help make its argument

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