Importance Of Human Rights And Equality

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Humans share a common factor: we are all humans. However, certain countries believe that, even though biologically we are all the same, some are better than others. This ideology is further supported by traders, travellers, and the media trying to enforce an unequal world. Human rights and equality are fundamental to our society, and the factors that support this should be accepted to a considerable extent. Our ideas of equality and natural rights stem from our uses of trade, travel, and media over the course of history in order to form a consensus of what should and should not be equitable. Although many countries have subtleties underlying their constitutions, in the end their similarities lie in the support of people being equal. The days of trading and travel have constituted the idea of superior races. Explorers, like …show more content…
During this time, the human rights outlined in the Great Law Of Peace would not have applied, thus why Columbus was effortless in his domination over the Aboriginals. The lack of human rights caused an assimilation of the Aboriginal culture, to which they had no means of retaliation; without any basis of protection against other cultures, they were unable to preserve their integrity as a people. This led to the age-old rule that Europeans are in higher caliber status than other races, which has still continued today. In 1988, the military took over the government of Myanmar, where the Padaung people were evicted, abused, and tortured. Their flee to Thailand caused turmoil to their people, as their rights were restricted even more, simply on

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