Importance Of Horatio In Hamlet

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The character of Horatio is often overlooked and underappreciated to readers’ of Shakespeare, as he only appears in the play three times. His actions do not have a hugely significant importance in Hamlet, but his role in the play is still pivotal. The character of Horatio is seen at the beginning and the end of the play, even after the deadly poisoning and sword fight, resulting in the deaths of everyone in the court. Horatio is also one of the only characters to remain sane for the entirety of the play. He is the only person to see heartening sides of Hamlet when the majority could only see the madness. He is left as the sole survivor so he can bring Hamlet’s favorable actions and motives to light when they can be so easily disregarded. This righteousness within his character that Shakespeare carefully designed is seen through his values and his relationship with Hamlet, as well as their similarities and differences.
Intelligent, loyal, and honorable and just some of the words to describe the character of Horatio. Compared to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, he is Hamlet’s only true friend who has keeps Hamlet’s best interest in mind. Horatio also has incredible self-control and is able
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He is loyal and unselfish, which are qualities any human desires in a friend. His presence at both the beginning and end of the play round off Hamlet. Having a sensible, level headed character be the surviving character is a victory and lets the audience know that his virtuous characteristics are the reason why he is alive. He is left with Hamlet’s life story and has the opportunity to do more right, which he eventually did. Horatio proves to everyone that loyalty really should be held above all else. It is the ties between friends and family which ultimately are the only things that matter in the end. If it weren’t for Horatio, Hamlet would have never accomplished his goals or get his sanity

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