Importance Of Globalization In International Education

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After three years at Union College, I will graduate this spring with a double major (in the honors track) in economics and mathematics. I am looking forward to extending and developing my academic interests in international economics, which is the area of specialty I have concentrated on in my coursework and research during my undergraduate study. With the experience of growing up in China, I want to explore how globalization affects my country. I am currently working on my economics senior thesis – using a macroeconometric model of the Chinese economy to examine how increasing consumption, as a ratio of GDP (C/Y), might increase China’s real GDP in a series of short-run steps spread over a number of years. In particular, I am interested …show more content…
In particular, I am interested in the impact of globalization: how it affects both advanced and developing countries. I decided to choose Yale because of its challenging and supportive academic environment: it encourages students to cooperate with one another, and inspires students to explore their research interests outside the economic field. For example, I am interested in participating in activities held by the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs and talking with Professor Arkolakis about how the integration of China into the global economy affects innovations worldwide. In addition, I want to discuss with Professor Goldberg how to better understand the relationship between inequality and globalization. In particular, I am interested in how the trade liberalization in China prompts firms located in Hong Kong to outsource in the mainland of China. I want to discuss with Professor Kortum about possible adjustments that can be implemented to address China’s large trade surpluses with advanced countries and trade deficits with neighboring countries. I am also interested in participating in weekly international trade lunches and workshops to widen my point of view outside the classroom. I believe studying with other excellent students who have the same economic interests would motivate me to keep improving

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