Importance Of German Family Values

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“Family Rules: always tell the truth, be grateful choose to be happy, do your best, know you are loved, say please and thank you, forgive others, be proud of yourself, be patient, be kind to to others, say I love you, listen to your parents, have faith, keep your promises, respect others, and use your manners” (Daisy-May Decor). Most people would agree, but some family values differ. Family values and functions are important to many cultures, whether is be roles of the family or how the family functions. As James Georgas explains, “The functions, as described above, refer to how the families satisfy their physical and psychological needs in order to maintain the family and to survive as a group.” The physical and psychological needs are different depending on culture. German, Chinese, American, and Hispanic cultures vary in family values. “The German culture stems from the beliefs and values of its people. The role that these principles play are evident in a German 's everyday life” (“Values & Proverbs”). Some key points that are imperative to the German family values are education, manners, punctuality, structure, and religion. All of these values are important to most traditional German families. Education, as seen …show more content…
Their proverbs have “ideas behind them hold true to their German culture” (“Values & Proverbs”). One famous short proverb is: Anfangen its leicht, Beharren eine Kunst. The translation to this proverb is that starting is easy, persistence is an art. Proverbs are idiosyncratic, that is true because the prospective of things are shown. Some other German proverbs translated in english are: money doesn’t buy happiness, honest work never hurt, and a friend in need is a friend indeed (“Values & Proverbs”). These proverbs show us that the culture in Germany is to always work hard and to do so by being loving. Along with proverbs, movies also show cultural values. One example of a movie would be When We

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