S1q2 Science Report: Friction In Everyday Life

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S1Q2 Science Report – Friction
Friction is part of our everyday life. It has modernised the world we live in however, there are opposing thoughts on the true benefits. Friction is the force that resists motion of moving objects. Hence, the smoother the surface the less friction there is, unlike gravity or electromagnetism, friction is not a fundamental force. Instead, it is believed that friction is the result of the electromagnetic attraction between two touching surfaces with charged particles. (Ghose)
There are 4 main types of friction – static, sliding, rolling and fluid:
• Static friction occurs when the pushing force is equal to the friction resistance. Another way to describe this is the object is stationary.
• Sliding friction occurs,
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The simple act of walking is heavily dependent on friction. It is friction that holds your shoe to the ground and allows you to walk. Walking on ice is very difficult because there is little friction to hold you down. Similarly, a lady wearing a pair of high heels will slip more easily, despite looking fashionable, compared to a lady wearing trainers. With this need for fashion and with the understanding of friction, many shoe businesses have designed fashionable shoes but with more grip to sustain more friction. (Suregrip) However, the grip of your shoes will become worn out because of the friction making you to buy new shoes. It can also cause friction …show more content…
Without friction, a car would not move forwards, be steered or be stopped which will put driving impossible and the fascination of cars meaningless. Due to the wear and tear of machinery caused by friction, lubricants were created to counteract this problem and as such, if there were no friction, this whole lubricant industry would not exist. Movement would be very difficult as when we walk we push backwards against the ground and the opposing force pushes us forward. With the lack of friction to hold us our feet in place, we would slip and walking would be impossible as we could not make a single step. Friction has led to the discoveries of shoes with extra grip to help us not slip. Similarly, pens and pencils have been improved to maximise the benefits of friction with comfortable grip to hold the pen or pencil, graphite lead now have new shades and pen tips usually have a roller ball to make it easier to write, decreasing the amount of friction. If there was no drag, swimming would not be a competitive sport as everyone could do it. Without the competition, there would be no fans or young swimmers to inspire, destroying the sport altogether. With the absence of friction, one of the most precious, shiny and expensive gem would not

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