Importance Of Ethics In Public Services

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Ethics in the public service profession are essential to lead both a successful career and provide for the success of an organization. It varies between small business operations, a multi-million dollar company, and the public sector, but the public holds the public sector to a higher ethical standard and morals plays an essential role. At the root of ethics, the public sector must uphold the public interest before its own personal interest. Lewis (2006) described it by stating, “part of the distinction lies many professional managers’ motivation to make a positive difference and foster a better community” (pg. 697). While problems in ethics arise in both for-profit and the public sector, ethics can hinder the moral support of the public …show more content…
Once a nonprofit or the public secure skews the perception of the public with unethical standards, it then hinders their public image for years to come. Nonprofits such as the Red Cross, The Cancer Fund of America, and the Boy Scout of America have all come under fire in recent years due to issues of immorality and unethical practices. Though many of the issues are in the past or currently in the process of reformation, these immoral behaviors leave an impression on the future of the organizations and their ability to raise money and pursue their mission. In the article, In Pursuit of the Public Interest, Lewis (2006) discussed the importance of recognizing implications towards the future because it is a merge of current and future needs while still acknowledging private and mutual interests (699). Unethical behavior can come in various forms and occasionally the concern requires a second glance before identifying it as unethical. Immoralities can arise from areas of compensation, conflicts of interest, solicitations, financial integrity, and many others. Rhode & Packel (2009) stated, “one of the most critical steps nonprofits can take to promote ethical conduct is to ensure that they have adequate ethical codes and effective compliance programs” (pg. 32). This is also true for government as well. Organizations must have

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