Ethical Issues In Health And Social Care Essay

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Individuals researching within the health and social care environment may come across many ethical issues and professionals need to be able to accept service users’ choices and opinions. An ethical issue is when someone has to judge what is right and what is wrong and being able to make the right choice without disrespecting service users’ opinions and choices and treating every individual fairly and with dignity. By staying away from ethical issues will reduce the amount of conflict and will allow patients to realise that we support their choices.

Milgram is a psychologist and he carried out an experiment on obedience due to authority and any conflict which may arise. Milgram’s study had many ethical issues and when I discuss some ethical issues relating to health and social care I will also link the ethical issues with Milgram’s study. Milgram was interested to see how far people would obey someone due to a higher authority. His experiment was advertised in a newspaper and included a random selection of people, these people who were involved had to “shock” the person taking the role as the “student”, the shocks were fake but the participants were not aware of that they thought that they were real shocks being administered. This was to conclude how obedience can
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However, the professionals must also inform the service users that they can’t keep promises and if they are told something that they think may cause harm to themselves or others around them it should be informed to someone so that they are safe. Within research in health and social care if the participants do not want their names involved within the research then that data must be kept private and the professionals must respect them for that

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