Importance Of Emergency Preparedness

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In the University of Georgia community as well as in the Athens-Clark County community, county officials and many organizations are working together to create emergency preparedness plans for citizens to rely on in times of crisis. Emergency preparedness is the action that an individual takes to formulate a plan of how to deal with an emergency before one occurs. Increasingly across the United States and other parts of the world, people are seeing a need to prepare for the worst possible disasters to ensure their survival. Whether it be dooms-day preparation or preparing college students for severe weather danger, emergency preparedness can help an individual stay calm in an alarming situation and help them devise the best possible solution for how to overcome whatever problem they are facing. Emergency preparedness not only allows you to know what to do in a crisis, but it ultimately helps your physical fitness/ health maintenance, problem solving/ critical thinking skills, and interpersonal communication/ human relation skills. The …show more content…
Interpersonal communication and human relation skills can influence how an emergency may alter your life. Basically, if a crisis arises, it is significant to know how others around you may try to deal with the situation. For example, if I get a text message saying there is a person on campus with a gun while I am in class, I am not going to yell to the teacher about it. It would only cause chaos, and ultimately hurt everyone in the room. Instead I would need to quietly approach the teacher, and let them know of what is going on so they can inform the class on what to do. The way you react/ help others in an emergency says a lot about your interpersonal communication and human relation skills. Staying calm and becoming a leader in an emergency shows that you have developed the necessary skills to deal with

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