Importance Of Customized Learning Theory

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Customized Learning Theory
Pennino, Joseph
Liberty University Introduction There is perhaps no matter more essential to the practice of education than that of human learning and development. Deliberately or not, all educators operate with an individual theory of what composes the ideal learning environment and on how pupils grow and develop. Unfortunately, most teachers’ personal theories are disjointed and uninformed. This paper will attempt to ascertain the most advantageous learning environment supported by various academic perspectives on current best practices in education. This will produce a theoretical framework from which to obtain strategies and practices for the achievement of all members involved in the teaching learning process.
Learning Theory and Its Importance It is imperative that educators are familiar with these various learning theories and the effect each has on both teaching and learning. Behavioral learning theories emphasize the ways that the enjoyable or unpleasant results of behavior change individuals’ conduct over time as well as the ways people model their behaviors on those of others (Slavin, 2014). Two well-known behavioral
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Within-class ability grouping can be used to separate a class into different reading or math levels and allow the various groups to work at their own pace. Most studies that have evaluated within-class ability grouping in math have found students in the ability-grouped class learned more than those without grouping (Slavin, 2014). Another type of ability grouping is between-class ability grouping. This is where students are placed into different classes depending on their proficiencies in a particular subject. For instance, some eighth-grade students may be assigned to Algebra while others are assigned to Pre-Algebra. Despite the popularity of between-class ability grouping, research has proven it ineffective (Slavin,

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