Importance Of Cultural Agility Self-Assessment

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One of the best ways for professionals to build their cultural agility is to take the Cultural Agility Self-Assessment (CASA). CASA is a self-discovery tool which designed to help professionals to discover their cross-cultural agility and how to develop these competencies. It assesses all the twelve dimensions in the cultural agility competency framework. After taking CASA, I was able to identify my strengths and vulnerabilities in my core competencies. Here are my results:
Competencies Affecting my Psychological Ease Cross-Culturally
One of my strengths for building cultural agility is my tolerance for ambiguity, it has helped me to understand the unknowns in the multicultural situations. The more I add to my knowledge base about different
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Also my cultural integration has helped me to be effective in creating new norms and behaviors through the input of many diverse perspectives. On the other hand, my cultural minimalism is one of the areas that I need to improve on. I have to develop my ability to effectively limit and reduce the perceived influence of any cultural differences without misunderstanding.
Cultural Experience One of the ways to enhance my knowledge, build my skills, and learn more about different cultures is peer-level interactions which is an area that I need to improve on. According
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Also, opportunities for cultural learning is another area that I need to improve on. I have to gain some languages skills from any cross-cultural experience and to continue practice my new linguistic skills. Both peers’ interactions and cultural learning will help me to develop my cultural agility.
CASA has been helpful in increasing my self-awareness of my core competencies and how to develop them. Many of these results were not surprising for me. On the other hand, some results surprised me as they have kind of contradiction. For example, the report shows that I’m comfortable with diversity and have intellectual curiosity, which both are kind of interactions. On the same time, the report shows a low peer-level of interactions. Even though, I believe peer-level interactions is as an area that I need to work and improve

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