Importance Of Crime Scene Investigation

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Crime Scene Investigation
This is defined as the identification, collection, deduction and analysis of physical evidence collected from a crime scene on order to effectively solve crimes by properly trained and equipped investigators. Criminal scene personnel usually entail crime scene analysts, forensic scientists, foreign investigators, evidence technicians among others. For one to become a member of crime scene investigation they should hold an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in forensic science or crime scene investigation or related courses such as criminal justice having specialized in forensic science.
Several guidelines have been established for proper conduct and carrying out of these preliminary investigations. These guidelines are
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In order for one to prove murder they must establish the existence of two elements namely Actus Reus and Mens Rea. This requires very careful and thorough scene investigations in order to establish whether it was a suicide or a homicide and establish the intention of murder. One must in establishing these elements collect all evidence both physical and verbal evidence as well as electronic and from audio and video devices such as CCTV cameras. A thorough background check of the criminal history of the arrested suspect must be carried as well as his relationship with the deceased. The manner in which the physical killing of the accused was carried out may also establish the malicious intention. Robbery with violence does not mandatorily require establishing the murder elements rather it involves theft of items and violence on the victims while stealing those items. One must therefore find out the stolen items from the victim’s information, identify the wounds inflicted on the victims get DNA results from the wounds and injuries and finger prints on a case by case basis. The action of stealing and inflicting or harming the victims in the course of stealing is the major element that must be proved. The intention plays a minimal role on establishing the crime of robbery with …show more content…
Firstly, he must have a keen eye to detail which requires him to be careful and thorough in conducting investigation to identify and collect all manner of investigation he can in his realm of responsibilities. Secondly he must be an observant and thoroughly analytical by nature in order to observe the crime scene and analyze all the physical evidence collected by linking it to the crime committed. Lastly he must be bold and persistent as the career involves handling criminals on a first hand level. They must therefore be courageous and thoroughly trained on how to handle criminals both actual and potential ones and their counterparts at all times. Lastly they must be scientists as their career is science oriented requiring numerous laboratory experiments accurately and properly in accordance with their

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