Importance Of Creativity In Fahrenheit 451

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Identifying one’s purpose in their odyssey is not always direct. Sometimes it requires extreme events, even tragic events, for someone to recognize what their purpose is. In addition, at times it may be necessary to trust the people closest to you, including your loved ones, to determine what your purpose is. These two circumstances were discussed in the short story I wrote, a spin off from Fahrenheit 451 which follows the story of Clarisse McClellan who was presumed dead in the novel. Clarisse did not have a purpose in the beginning of the story, however, by trusting her loving uncle, as well as participating in the things she enjoys, regardless of if they are forbidden or frowned upon, she found a purpose in her odyssey. A society that crushes creative thinking and has an unhealthy relationship to electronics is essentially synonymous with our current society. This concept of creativity lacking in our society, especially schools was the …show more content…
In the story, creativity was stifled in their society by removing all books and encouraging mindless drones who do not question anything. The two major works that influenced this project were centered on creativity; the primary focus of this assignment. Both works were the driving force behind this project, given that I do not consider myself to be very creative. By focusing on a society and texts that suppress creativity, I thought I could relate more and produce a better story. Yet even with the basis of the story complete, identifying Clarisse’s purpose in her odyssey proved to be difficult. As I was writing, I was not sure where the story was going which provided to be difficult in defining her purpose. Her overall purpose came to me as I finished the story. Like most people, even Clarisse had not identified what her purpose was in the grand scheme of things, yet by trusting in her beloved uncle, she found what she was looking

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