Importance Of Contract In The Entertainment Contract

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The purpose of having contracts in the Entertainment Business is to ensure all parties understand what they are entering into with each party. It is essential that each person or corporation are aware of each clause in a contract as they are bound by anything stipulated in the contract until the term of the agreement ends. Here are 10 clauses that may be found in a basic Entertainment contract. Contract may vary depending on the terms agreed upon by all parties.

Clause 1
USE OF NAME AND LIKENESS 10. Artist/Event grants to the Sponsor the right to use the Artist/Event 's name and likeness for advertising and promotional materials during the term of this agreement in connection with the Sponsor 's Products.

The purpose of this clause which is taken from a
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This clause is from an Agency contract. This is to ensure the agent can perform the duties required by the principle (The artist) or the manager in a way which will benefit the artist and their career. This clause allows the agent to engage in other similar services, allowing them to seek other business ventures, and grow as an agent whilst bringing in more income. The principle and their management as well as the agent are bound by this contract to ensure that all parties do not undertake in any activities that may effect either party, causing loss of business and income. Risks involved for both parties may be the agent acquiring another artist identical to the principle in this agreement. The agreement would benefit both parties if there was a specific term stated that the agent cannot prioritise new clients or get artist in a similar genre. This would ensure there are no missed opportunities for all parties involved in relation to booking event, venues or tours.

Clause 3
ARTIST will promptly refer to AGENT all communications, written or oral, received by or on behalf of

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