Importance Of Cognate Writing Strategies

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Today’s article will discuss 5 out of the 9 known cognate writing strategies. Cognate strategies is a way of refining and presenting ideas in a logical, ethical, and emotionally appealing way. Those elements are known as “Logos (logic), ethos (ethical), and pathos (emotional appeal)” (2016, ENGLTextbook). The 5 cognate strategies we will review today are conciseness, arrangement, credibility, expectation and tone.

In corporate environments conciseness is used in writing often to inform the audience of the information and sequence of information that information was or will be administered. This type of writing is often found in meeting invitations and at the start of presentation so the audience is aware of and be prepared for the information
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Arrangement in writing is an effect way to describe the placement of those people, places, things or processes. Earlier this year a client inquired how long it would take for a server decommission to be complete. I responded to the client with the arrangement of the server decommission server process using a conciseness bullet form as follows: Week 1 – First decommission notice sent to the client. Monitoring is removed. Week 2 – Second decommission notice is sent to the client. Server is powered down…ect.

Credibility has the potential to impact every aspect of life and is that much more important in writing. Credibility directly speaks to if the author and information in the writing is trustworthy. In the past I’ve had opportunities to provide references for past colleagues. In one reference letter I mentioned I fully endorsed the persons worth ethic, experience, dependability and expertise. She earned every compliment and was thankful for my feedback but more importantly she got the job she was looking to
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The feedback from others was that he was abrasive in his emails. He would reply and say emails are informative and do not have a tone. The tone of writing is the way the source conveys their sentiment towards a person, place, or description of what they are speaking to. I was fortunate to write a compliment email to a team working on a project for me and their direct line manager. The tone of the email was complimentary and in appreciation. In the email I said: I want to send a thank you from myself and the client for the excellent work, collaboration, support and effort put into this most recent switch

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