What Is The Difference Between Individual Rights And Civil Liberties

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Civil Liberties and Civil rights are the two main thing that gives us as citizens our freedom and protection. As are civil liberties as individual are rights protected by law from unjust government or other interference. In the other hand our civil rights are rights guaranteed to all the American citizens by law no matter your race, gender, disability. I believe that all the civil liberties and rights are important but I believe that the most important ones for Civil Liberties and Civil Right are; Freedom of speech, The right to vote, the right to Privacy, and the right to marry.
Freedom of speech is important because you can express however you like to anything. You can express yourself and not have to worry about others from preventing you. Emerson stated can be “interpreted to mean that all persons should be allowed to express their beliefs and opinions regardless of how obnoxious or "fraught with death" those ideas may be.” For example, people can say and speak what they believe in any time such as a rally, school or work. The right to vote is something very influential that only happens every 4 years. That many take advantage of to pick the next president to run office. You having the power to choose the
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This right gives U.S citizens the right to be respected on certain cases which sometimes are overruled by the police. For example, it limits others to get into your business such as your phone or computer and your life. The article privacy states with that out right to privacy contains property rights, and its violation with specific torts, such as libel or slander, copyright infringement…” that helps the citizens have their own space. Giving U.S citizens a way of having their own space not only on social media but also on their lifestyles. As well as if they tell you, you can’t take birth control, be homosexual, or have an

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