Importance Of Buddhist Social Education

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Buddhist Social Thought as depicted in the Nik?yas 17
3. Buddhist Social Education
As we know, education is an important factor for the development of human beings. It is an important tool for developing society. The progress of human society depends upon proper and righteous education. According to the Buddha, ?people who live without education and without being trained in good behavior are like blind buffaloes wandering in the forest.?[footnoteRef:2] [2: J. III, p. 368.]

3.1. Meaning of Buddhist Education
Education is often understood as what makes up the culture and civilization of a country. It includes creative works, as the source of civilization, and its role of building and developing society, as the source of culture for the
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In A?guttara Nik?ya, there is reference to a conversation between Buddha and Suj?ta, the daughter-in-law of Ananthpindika, where suitable advice is given by describing the seven kinds of wives: (i) Wife as a slayer, because she has a hateful mind, cold and heartless, lusting for others, despising her husband. (ii) Wife as thief, because when her husband acquires wealth, she tries to filch a little herself. (iii) Wife as a tyrant, because she is the slothful glutton, bent on idling, harsh, fierce, and rough in speech. (iv) Wife as a mother, because she is always helpful and kind, guards her husband as a mother to her son, carefully protects the wealth he earns. (v) Wife as a sister, because of she holds her husband in high regard, as younger sister holds the elder born, who humbly submits to her husband?s will. (vi) Wife as a friend, because she rejoices in her husband?s sight, as one friend might welcome another, well raised, virtuous, devoted. (vi) Wife as a handmaid, because she doesn?t get angry, afraid of punishment, who bears with her husband free of hate, who humbly submits to her husband?s will.
?The types of wife here called a slayer, a thief and the wife like a tyrant; these kinds of wives, with the body?s breakup will be reborn deep in hell. But wives like mother, sister, friend and wife called a handmaid; steady in virtue, long restrained; with the body?s breakup go to heaven?.[footnoteRef:14] [14: AN., p. 59, IV, pp.

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