Art Experience Essay

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My first ever art experience was doodling on a piece of paper when I knew how to hold a pencil. I don’t know where this artist gene came from, since all my family members worked in engineering or business. I am happy that my mom stands by my side all the time, and even encouraged me to go to an art school when I had no plan for my future college.
My focus in this school, The School of Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), is visual communication. I am preparing for the portfolio review this semester and hope I can enter the department. But why visual communication? I believe most people started with painting or drawing, but how was I introduced to graphic design in general?
Before even applying for college, I went to Rhode Island School of Design for a pre-college summer program, just to see what college art classes would be like. I planned to take illustration class, but unfortunately the class was already full, and I took graphic design instead. That was the first time I was introduced to graphic design.
I didn’t like the class in the first place. First, I was in a class that I didn’t expect to take; and
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As international student, I am required to take EIS English class before starting the actual First Year Seminar and art history classes. In other words, I have both first year and sophomore seminar at the same time on my schedule right now. It is kind of surreal. The overseas studying policy of United State expects international students successfully graduate from this school in five school years. I am planning on stay for summer classes during the summer session, so that I can catch up on liberal classes. I absolutely do not want to stick around during summer, especially because I kind of over-enroll in too many classes this semester. But as an international student, there are restrictions from both the school and the United State government. Therefore, I have to work extra hard in order to graduate on

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