Animal Research Application Essay

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My overarching research interests focuses on delineating animal 's metabolic responses to nutrition interventions or health conditions, associated with the animal performance and quality of its derived products. I use a combination of modern analytical chemistry (liquid/gas chromatography and mass spectrometry) and bioinformatics (univariate and multivariate statistical analysis) to measure metabolites in biological samples to provide insights on physiological or pathological status and nutrition effects. More specifically, I am interested in characterize the biochemical pathways of the more productive and environmentally efficient animals and identify potential metabolites that can be used for animal selection. Present Research
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This challenging experience was a great opportunity to further work on analytical chemistry techniques. Indeed, I presented those results at the Annual Meeting of Institute of Food Technologists. However, I decided to pursue research in the field of animal metabolism for my doctoral thesis. Therefore, during a year, while I was working on beans project I was writing proposals for financial support in animal research. Based on my successful accomplishment to obtain external funding, my doctoral dissertation was on the evaluation of the absorption and utilization of choline and vitamin B12 in the lactating dairy cow. I interacted at different areas of the science using innovation capacities and learned different techniques particularly in connection with Chemistry Department (Metabolomics Core Lab), Animal Science Department at UT and with Agriculture Agri & Food Canada acquired through Food Science PhD program. This results provide novel information on the absorption and utilization of different delivery systems for choline and vitamin B12 for the lactating dairy cow as well as the physiological variation of choline metabolites during lactation. In vivo measurements with multi-catheterized cows provided the net fluxes of choline and vitamin B12 across the small …show more content…
These all relate to open challenges in metabolomics for refined the phenotypic description of cattle (1) determine key metabolic process to provide tools for improving cattle husbandry/nutrition (2) identify potential biomarkers for animal selection (3).
I am already working on these three major challenges and disseminating the findings. As current work matures, I am looking forward to the opportunity to focus on these challenges and integrate with a large scale "omics" capability (genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics) to generate a comprehensive description of the real dynamics of a biological

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