Essay On Literacy In English Language

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Achieving literacy in the English language is impressive, being literate in a foreign language as well is an accomplishment. Literacy in the Spanish language for me means that I have a strong understanding of the language and am able to comprehend what is being communicated to and around me. Thanks to Señor Jimenez, what I learned in my Spanish classes is something that I can take and practice for the rest of my life. The road to get there was not painless, but it was worth it. After four extensive years of pain and suffering day after day in Spanish class, I can proudly say that I am literate in the Spanish language. Having Señor Jimenez as my teacher made the experience worth it. He is absolutely hilarious, dedicated, but yet very serious about his work. From day one he spoke Spanish and did not ease up, even if we were all confused looking to each other for help. I had a very bumpy start to the class and considered dropping it multiple times. He had high expectations for our class and …show more content…
I am sure my lack of empathy for the class and constant naps gave that away. He wanted me to ask for help but I was just too stubborn and too lazy to. We made a plan and worked together after class for weeks. He helped me understand what I could not and taught me so much more than I could of hoped for. Señor motivated me to truly try to learn the material. I was amazed at what I had missed and was too hardheaded to try. Thinking about Spanish class now did not make me cringe, I was confident. I joined Spanish club and signed up for just about anything that dealt with the language. I was learning not only the language but a respect for the culture and people it came from. Señor knew I had the potential to excel in the class but was not going to carry dead weight. He knew I would come for help it was just a matter of time he said. Every day he repeated to me, “Don’t fail me and I won’t fail

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