Strength And Weakness Of Qualitative Research

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The importance of assessment, the assessor must be able to identify whether the students is competent or not yet competent. Having done research on various assessment methods I have chosen the following four assessment methods: examination, coursework, continuous assessment and Extended Written Response.
The first method we will be looking at is examination, what does this mean? all of us must of written a exam at some point in our lives, whether it be in primary school, high school or tertiary education. We all know the basic concept regarding this topic however I will be going in to more detail discussing the strengths and weaknesses included in examination. Looking at the meaning of Examination it refers to ‘a set of questions or exercises
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Coursework is less stressful on students, it helps motivate the student throughout the course, problems in the various learning areas can be detected sooner and a wider variety of assessment techniques can used to benefit students as much as possible
With every advantage there is a disadvantage, coursework is a great assessment method however there are a few disadvantages which are included : coursework may assess in the same way examinations does which will eventually end up to learners being overworked, not allowing them to focus on the actually examination, this could also put a lot of strain of the educators. Continuous assessment is very straight forward, it means what it says it’s a ‘continues assessment’ students are examined continuously over their duration of education. This method of assessing includes different techniques of testing
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Last but not least, extended written response, again this method is self-explanatory. It refers to a substantiated answer for a given question. Students are expected to construct an answer in response to a question that has been asked instead of students selecting an answer from a list. An extended written response should be a paragraph long, answering the question with as much detail as possible.
This method can be very useful to students, allowing them to think outside the box, it is also useful for assessing blocks of knowledge and practise for examination however this is time consuming, students might spend all their time on these questions forgetting about the rest or not finishing in time and having to leave out some of the other questions that they couldn’t get too. If you intend to use this method make sure you know what you want to say and have a set time which will allow you to complete the rest of the

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