Muslim Invasion Of North Africa Essay

The invasion of Arabs in different countries in the seventh century had several impacts on the natives of the North African countries, and Spain. This paper will analyze how Arabs invaded various countries in the world, spreading Islamic religion and how people embrace the religion without much resistance. The reason Arabs conquered different empires with ease would be discussed in details. The invasion brought about the new religion of Islam, and customs that were new to the Berber tribes of the Sahara and Mediterranean. Although the Arabs experience stiff battles from different communities, they managed to build an Islamic empire in the region. After the death of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam in 632 A.D the new religion that was spread by …show more content…
They managed to subdue a large area in North Africa, where they institute a new order. They crossed to Spain, which was a final expansion of Arabs to the West. The Arabs were invited to assist one side of the fighting groups. However, the Arabs defeated both and took control suppressing both squabbling parties. After a few months, the Arabs were able to displace the Visigoths from their capital at Toledo. The Arabs were able to control the capital, and the governors appointed by the Caliph in Damascus started ruling Spain, they spread northwards to Gaul where they experienced resistance and halted in a town near Poitiers in 732. The conquest of the Nile to the Atlantic was a great achievement for the Arab empire. The Persian dynasty experienced rebellion from the Roman Empire. Therefore, they engaged in several wars with Romans because they were two great empires with the same strength in war. It was difficult for the two to gain a decisive victory, the fought several wars year after year. The two empires became weaker as a result. The Coptic period was experienced in Egypt, during this era; there was a significant shift of religion in the Egyptian culture to Christianity from paganism until the Muslim conquered the country. This was experienced in the third and ninth century when there was a decline of Christians in Egypt (Glubb,

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