Essay on Impact Of The French On Louisiana

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The Impact of the French on Louisiana Dialects In Louisiana culture, the Creole and Cajun dialects dominate the language. In Connie Eble’s article “The Louisiana Purchase and American English”, she states that the event that has had the biggest influence on the dialects today is the Louisiana Purchase. In December of 1803, The Louisiana Purchase took place and America grew. Up to that point, areas in Northern America belonged to whomever was controlling the land at that time. In 1762, the French were losing and therefore had to give up the Louisiana territory to Spain. In the 1763 Treaty of Paris, the Louisiana Territory was split around Mississippi, reducing its size. By a secret treaty in 1800, Louisiana was given back to France (Eble 347-48). From this wide range of events, Louisiana has seen lots of different languages and cultures come through the area. In English is the Southern United States, Nagle et al. observes the variety of dialects in Louisiana alone, and although there has been very little academic notice on the speech down there, the Louisianans uphold their culture and dialects with pride. In southern Louisiana, slaves in the past have spoken different varieties of “French, Louisiana Creole, African languages, or some combination” (Nagle et al. 174). The variety of languages extends back to the Louisiana Purchase. This book states that “all varieties of English in southern Louisiana developed against the backdrop of French” (Nagle et al. 174).…

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