Impact Of The American Revolution On The United States Essay

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Beginning in the early to mid 1800’s the United States started to experience a flow of immigrants settling in the urban United States, and the rapid immigration went on to continue for the next few decades. The circulation of people and the Market Revolution had an enormous impact on the United States in various ways. These events during the nineteenth century brought many benefits to the American economy such as increased production of goods, the creation of new technologies, and higher employment rates. As a result, the United States economy experienced large growth during the urbanization of America, as well as during the Market Revolution.

For several consecutive decades in the nineteenth century, the large flow of immigrants that settled in America were primarily from a few different countries. The majority of the immigrants came from Ireland and Germany. For example, “Between 1820 and 1860 more than 5 million Europeans arrived on American shores” (Hanmer 36-37). People came to the US after facing the Irish Potato Famine in Ireland which caused almost one million deaths. The Irish relied heavily on the potato crop, but the potatoes were infected with a disease, so they could not be eaten. As a result, many people starved to death or came to America due to the lack of food in Ireland. The majority of Germans came to America because of unemployment and civil turmoil. A few years later, they were followed by many Asian immigrants. “The percentage of the U.S. population…

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