Impact Of Information Technology On Culture Essay

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Byron Whitlow

Paper 1
Impact of Information Technology on Culture
HUMN 344
Professor Bingley

During a trip to Florida last December, I wasn 't surprised to notice that the instant it landed at the airport, the first thing everyone did was to switch on their cells and tablets. Like back in the day, folks didn 't jump immediately to switch on a flip phone. Nor did they zip to the nearest payphone, throw in a quarter to make a call. Information technology is so readily integrated in all of our lives that its now habit and part of the norm for our society to access technology at an instant. Information needed is accessible online just a press of a key away. The internet and all its parts is fascinating and its interesting to see how it changed our culture and our mindset when it wasn 't a part of it just 20 yrs ago. It 's a small change in each of our lives but a huge difference in convenience. We 're human and we like to communicate. We also like to develop and innovate new forms of it. This strive to always and constantly make contact easier and readily available has led to technology that imbeds itself into our culture. The development of means of communicating better is the basic idea behind the technology called information technology. Information technology is all about getting information regarding anything instantaneously, whenever one wants to, in whichever mode one wants to. This simply was not possible before the digital age.

" Culturally, digital has…

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