Essay about Impact Of Globalization On Fast Food

1162 Words Dec 3rd, 2014 null Page
The World has been becoming more interconnected for last decades as a consequence of hugely expanded trade, culture exchange and increased travel. This process mentioned above is globalisation. It has had an effect on different aspects of life such as economy, social and food. Thus undoubtedly, Globalization has had an effect on fast food as well which is easy prepared food served in restaurants such as McDonald 's, Burger king and KFC. For instance, National Geographic (2014) explains that Globalization is accelerated effectively in the last decades as a result of massively spread of air travels and the extension of free trade. Therefore there has been an exchange of food through the world. To illustrate this point American fast food has become widespread all over the global. McDonald 's has more than 31,000 restaurants in 118 countries. Also the author states that another knowledge about the food would be taken by the Tourists then perspective of buying food might be changed when they return back home. Although people around the world use the global famous fast food brands as a source of their daily foods, they are not likely awarded of the risks of it. There are evidence showing the negative effects of fast food on human health. Some fast food brands became more global in the last decades therefor human health is became more affected by fast food. On the other hand, there might be evidences that ignore the dark side of fast food globalisation. Fast food might been pointed…

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