Impact Of American History On America Essay examples

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Impacts of American History:
What Shaped American Religions, Society, and Politics

America’s religious, social and political views have changed greatly throughout history due to westward expansion, slavery, and industrialization, urbanization, and immigration. In this essay we will review and examine the effects these three events have had on America. Westward expansion changed how religion denominations reached sinners and changed politics. This in turn changed America’s views on slavery and divided the nation. And industrialization, immigration, and urbanization brought about changes in religions such as Judaism and Christianity, which was the biggest impact of all three.

Westward expansion was a major impact made to America’s religious, social and political ways. As America began to expand to the west, religion was most of the time lost with these frontiersmen. Because of the isolation from society, men and women lost their connection with their Christian ways. They turned to alcohol and questioned God, religion and politics. After the Revolution, churches acknowledged that the traditional town parish would not be efficient in the west. Churches feared that the West would turn to barbarism or be converted to Catholism, due to the persistent Catholic missionaries. Baptist and Methodist evangelical preachers began circuit-riding clergy to bring the West back to God. Once the Second Great Awakening arose, the frontiersmen turned to emotional faith. Not only did the…

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