Essay Immigration Reform Should Be Granted

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Immigration Reform should be granted America is widely known not only for its rich state of the economy, but also for its profoundly rich culture aspect. It is usually referred to being a nation of immigrants from all over the globe. Throughout history, immigrants have settled the country contributing to their foreign environment. “Between 1882 and 1914 approximately twenty million immigrants came to the United States. Mass immigration from eastern and southern Europe dramatically altered the population’s ethnic and religious composition” (Lehram Par. 6). Billions of undocumented illegals migrate to foreign countries in the hope of a better life for their loved ones. The hopes of the immigrants rapidly dwindle when they are unfairly threatened by the fear of deportation. Granting undocumented immigrants gain legal status would only benefit both the American party, as the Immigrant party. Before America makes a decision as to whether to legalize undocumented immigrants or not; Americans, should think about the several ways that a reform can be beneficial to the nation. A Reform can revitalize the economy, keep families together, and show a tremendous decrease in crime rates. An effective immigration reform would be a powerful way to help revitalize the nations economy. In order for Americans to see a change in the nations economy, they must first stop spending unnecessary money for border patrol security. “The “U.S. taxpayers will fork over $12 billion for border security…

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