How Did The Civil War Lead To The Destruction Of America

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Throughout history, America negatively impacted society. Jackson’s merciless ruling tactics towards Native Americans, the religious persecution of minor religions, and an unfair war with Mexico brought a somber glow to the 1800s.The North and South’s disagreements and divisions led to the long and tiresome Civil War and eventually an even more painful Reconstruction Era for the South. As industry flourished, the environment, farmers, and immigrants suffered; immigrants who had faced the difficult voyage to America now faced hostility and filth. The Progressive Era was plagued by corruption and danger and afterwards President Roosevelt began to overuse America’s strength. Presently, undocumented immigrants try to enter the U.S. but are faced with discrimination and the problems Americans caused in the past, removing Native Americans, now haunt the U.S. This era has brought about so much failure that it may soon lead to America’s demise. When Jackson passed the Indian Removal Act, the Native Americans were forced to leave their land and move further westward in order for Americans to expand their nation (Lapsansky 254). What wasn’t …show more content…
The North originally had hoped to conclude the war with ease but this soon seemed unlikely. The Battle of Bull Run was an intense battle in which a “determined stand led by Confederate General Thomas J. Jackson sent them [The Union] scrambling back to Washington” (Lapsansky 364). This battle made the Union feel uneasy and weak. As fighting spread towards the West both Union and Confederate forces recruited Native Americans to fight in the war (Lapsansky 365). Americans were using and abusing the Natives for their own selfish purposes and pitting tribes against one another. On the home front, President Lincoln suspended his citizens’ rights to habeas corpus (Ultimate). This was Lincoln’s way of abusing his power without getting

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