Immigration Reform Of The United States Essay examples

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One of the major hot button topics for the 2016 election is Immigration Reform. Discussions of building walls, sending illegal immigrants “home”, and abolishing birthright citizenship have all been tossed around as resolutions. While the other side reminds us how America was founded on the principle of opened doors - a land of freedom and opportunity. They argue that the majority of immigrants and undocumented workers do not hurt society as much as they enhance it, culturally and even economically. It is widely known that the majority of undocumented workers in the U.S. are here for one reason – to work. They come to work here, even at an abusive below minimum wage, because it is still a better life than in their own home country and holds a hope of something better, unlike their homes. Work is what feeds unauthorized immigration and U.S. companies, hoping to earn a greater profit, hire illegal immigrants at below minimum wages, are the root that is perpetuating the influx of undocumented workers. There are many parts to immigration reform that must be considered. While it “must pro¬tect national security, uphold the rule of law, strengthen citizenship, and benefit the American economy” (Meese & Spalding, 2007) its biggest impact should be to reduce unauthorized immigration in to the United States in the first place. Otherwise, we are destined to the same problem indefinitely. The U.S. government must consider creative solutions that will wisely and effectively manage…

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