Essay about Immigration Policy Of The United States

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Immigration policy in the United States has always been a very controversial topic. As of 2014, the immigrant population adds up to more than 42.4 million, which is 13.3% of the total population of 318.9 million in the country (Zong, and Batalova 2016). Individuals in the country have divided opinions and attitudes regarding the increased number of immigrants coming into the country. A lot of economic and non-economic factors come into play with this. Their attitudes are affected by a host of considerations such as economic perception, political ideology, ethnic and racial identity. At present, however, individuals in the United States seem to be more concerned about the economy and the effects of immigration. Some have negative attitudes regarding immigration and are threatened that immigrants are competition and that they take away their resources and jobs. Others have positive attitudes and believe that immigration in the United States is actually good and that it benefits the economy. They have the understanding that immigration actually leads to increased money circulation, tax revenue and the expansion of the low-cost labor pool. But what is the main driving economic factor behind such individual’s attitudes that influence their preference over immigration policies? Could it be that the individual’s wages and how well they are doing in the economy affect their preferences? Labor market economic theories of trade and labor such as the Heckscher-Ohlin model…

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