Immigration Of The United States Essay

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There is so much controversy about immigration in the United States. There are many perspectives about how Immigration is seen by White Americans. Some are more extreme than others. Even though the Unites States was founded by diversity and on the inclusion of immigrants, stereotypes presented by society drives White Americans to go to the extreme of deporting immigrants. The stereotypes that propel this idea of deportation are immigrants on welfare, crime done by immigrants, and how immigrants affect jobs. These stereotypes can be promoted from many different parts of society ranging from media outlets to the upper government of the United States.
Mainstream White Americans think that most immigrants are poor people who just leach of the government because they are too lazy to work. The way most White Americans think immigrants are taking advantage of the United States Government is using welfare excessively. The idea of using a Ameican program for the immigrants, instead of the "real" americans also known as the white people, sets off many people. Again the people it sets off is White Americans in turn forcing them to revert to extreme acts like deportation. In an article about immigration laws by Stephen H. Legomsky he clearly supports the idea that welfare for immigrants is unpopular. He says "So it is not surprising that there is a large and growing movement to restrict the eligibility of immigrants for public health benefits." (Legomsky 180). This reinforces the…

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