Essay on Immigration Of The Bay Area

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There are lots of immigrants in the Bay Area, and they are trying to settle down in the new environment with diverse society. According the 2005-2007 American Community survey, nearly one third of residents in the Bay Area region are immigrants, 54% of immigrants in Bay Area are citizens; immigrants and their children make up 42% of population in the Bay Area, of all children in region 49% have at least one immigrant parent. This status tells us that Bay Area has lots of immigrant and the second generation of the immigrant. We need to understand the process of immigrant fit in to new environment and culture, that something hidden behind the whole process of fit in. As the result, my ethnographic is about the problems that immigrants face while they adapt to new environment or culture, and the effect of those hiddenness to immigrants’ health in both physical and mental. The progress of immigrants’ fit in involves immigrants facing different problems, finding ways to solve problems. All people would experience the same thing when they went to a new environment with the unknowns. It is a sequence for immigrants’ fit in by facing problems to solving problem and then face new problems to problem solve.
I wrote 24 fieldnotes. At the beginning of collecting my ethnographic data, I randomly wrote down the description of interactions with other people and the activities I involved in different fields. Generally, I would write down my observation at the end of the day, but I…

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