People Make Better Decisions To Keep Us Out Of Trouble

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In this passage you will learn what is going on in the world and how bad things are happening .also how we can put a stop to it. Make a better environment so we all can feel safe. Even more so will learn that if people followed the rules they would not be sitting in jail. As well as if they didn’t do illegal acts they would not be in the predicament. That said, if people made better decisions they wouldn’t get in trouble. Not only, but also if they respect the laws, not to mention the people around them crimes wouldn’t be committed. Also, you will learn how maybe not talking or having a comeback might keep you out of trouble. On another level, we will talk about a meager topic that’s about things considered we can’t just change then world we have to change our self’s to. Now further dew let’s get started. Firstly, three ways our country would be better is if people made better decisions to follow the laws people wouldn’t get in trouble. They wouldn’t have such a hard time if they …show more content…
As that being said you also learned that following the laws that are in force will keep you out of trouble. With this in mind our future is watching so people have to make better decisions or they will follow in the same footsteps. Another key thing to remember is if people showed common courtesy to one another there wouldn’t be so much drama and hate. Furthermore there are things I would like to change about myself because there probably bring keeping me from reaching my full potential. Having said that I also talked about immigration laws and how I think it’s not right that they are not aloud to work in the U.S when the actually help the economy. Addition they are doing more help than harming us so they should be allowed to work wherever they like. Above all I think that these are the way our society could improve to make the world a better

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