Immigration Laws Before The 20th Century Essay

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Immigration Laws before the 20th Century

In the 1800’s the United States began to have an increased amount of European immigrant coming in. The United States Congress began to make immigration legislation after they realized that some areas in the U.S. began to have economic problems (Early Immigration). The Immigration Act of 1882, was a new law that officially prohibited convicts, lunatics, the sick, the uneducated or those unable to care for themselves from being able to enter the United States (Early Immigration). The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, discriminated against the Chinese specifically and denied their entry (Early Immigration).

Immigration Laws of the 20th Century

In 1917, a new immigration law was passed that introduced a literacy test. New immigrants were required to read a forty- word passage that was in their native language. They were not required to know English but the illiterate were excluded (Mass Immigration). Furthermore, it excluded all Asians from entering the United States. This form of racial discrimination was not abolished until the McCarran- Walter Act was passed in 1952. Although this act ended entry based on race, a new ideology criterion was created. This signified that an immigrant could be excluded from entering based on their political ideology, for example, a communist would have been excluded under this law (The Development of U.S).
A new immigration system came along with the new Immigration Act of 1965, which was an amendment…

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