Immigration Deportation Analysis

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Since the beginning of time, immigration has been a major issue in the US. Today it has become one of the most talked about subject in our society. What effects does it have on families and children when non-legal parents are deported? It 's no doubt that there must be control of the rate at which non-US born immigrants flow into the country. Some people might want to know the big deal with this immigration reform, its policies and rules. Many people that come to the United States are for the promise of freedom and life betterment. Unfortunately, the current immigration system in the United States seems broken making it difficult for some. Families are separated, immigrant workers are exploited, and the continuous discrimination against immigrants …show more content…
So as understood, this article brought to light the many effects that deportation of parents can have on those children 's development.
During the Obama administration "between 2009 to 2013, It is estimated that approximately 3.7 million illegal immigrant families were deported". It is also an ongoing issue in the presidential campaign, Donald Trump promise to re-open the book continues on the deportation of the already broken and torn families. It further proves the notion that deportation affects children just as it will be when a parent goes to prison. Kids can become homeless, stay with different family members, school dropout, including some psychological trauma and displacement. So deportation should be seen as a last resort.

In a published article reviewed By Randy Capps, Heather Koball, Andrea
Campetella, Krista Perreira, Sarah Hooker, and Juan Manuel Pedroza, “Implications of
Immigration Enforcement Activities for the Well-Being of Children in Immigrant
Families" on the Migration Policy Institute. The rising immigration enforcement activities in the U.S leads to uncertainty and fear of not knowing what will
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Rodriguez and Adriana Hauser wrote a well precise article about the constant battle being faced by families of possible deportation on CNN titled " Deportations: Missing parents, scared kids". The article clearly and vividly shows the effect of our US immigration laws and its destruction path for families. It recalled how two children lost their mother and then five years later; theyfound themselves living in the US without their biological when their father - a hardworking family man with no criminal record was also deported. "I came here when I was 18 months old and I don 't know Nicaragua at all," Cesia said. Ronald Jr. admitted his Spanish is less than perfect. "I can contribute more here than in Nicaragua," he said. What will these children do if there is no home for them? Innocent lives are being destroyed in the name of the policy. This contribution is important because it reinstates the bitter fact that US immigration policy needs a serious makeover for the benefit of innocent

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